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Parenting is one of the best yet hardest jobs.

I don’t think anyone should commit to this responsibility half-heartedly.

To wed or not to wed?

This includes the decision to get married once the couple discovers the woman is pregnant. No matter how much you try and bury them, genuine feelings are transparent. An unhappy marriage is not a good marriage and children know when a marriage is false. Rather, create a solution that doesn’t involve two people in a less than desirable union.

Be smart parents. If the pregnancy was an accident and you (two) decide to keep the child, learn from the incident. You can be a good parent without getting married and still be in the child’s life. Get professional advice and create a plan.

Children know when parents are together only for the sake of their children. Sometimes that marriage works out and other times it doesn’t, but please don’t have more children if you have a troubled marriage. If one child together doesn’t make you happy, do you think having 3 more children will? More children doesn’t increase a marriage’s viability. They increase responsibilities and stress.

Absent parents

Don’t be one if you can help it. On the other hand, don’t make excuses if you can’t be a good one when you’re present. Life is stressful. You should’ve considered that before you decided to have (unprotected) sex. [Related post: sex: be prepared when you start]

Single parents

There are too many single parents. It’s difficult to be one, but it’s possible to be a good one.

Two parents

Ideal when it’s a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.

Parents are role models

Good parents will try to do everything in their power to raise their children to be good people. But, sometimes, even good parents don’t recognize when they are over-parenting and hurting their child’s ability to learn in and from life. You can’t protect them from everything.

Life has its happy, sad, good, and bad moments – in order to grow into well-rounded adults/people, children need to experience all of life’s ups and downs. Guide them but don’t paint a false fairy tale. Don’t handicap the child’s growth, independence, and relationships.

That’s what it comes down to in the end: children learn from their parents. You decide what type of role model you’ll be for your child. If you really want to be the best parent for your child, you’ll find a way to be it. No excuses.

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