LA winter

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 21, 2010

It’s been raining here all week. I realize it’s only Wednesday, only middle of the week, but the forecast predicts rain for the next two days too. Throw in some lightning and thunder too.

I stand my ground: rain all week. No complaints from me!

Weather was one of the factors I considered when I thought about relocating from DC to California: “Hmm…where to spend my last winter and two months before PC: in freezing temperatures or in warm(er) weather?”

A winter in DC:

  • I bundle up in layers, sweaters, and coats before heading out the door to go anywhere
  • I freeze while waiting for the Metro or bus, sweat profusely during the commute, then peel layers off once I get into my destination
  • I trek to work in rain and snow, and over frozen ice and risk stepping on black ice
  • I walk (or slip/slide) across sidewalks with mounds of snow/ice to get anywhere (DC residents and/or DC government are supposed to salt the snow/ice that accumulates on the sidewalk in front of their resident/business. This is so that the snow/ice melts and people don’t slip, but people don’t do it consistently or at all.)

I probably would’ve developed cabin fever during the snowstorm that passed through DC earlier this winter, too. Granted, my apartment paid for my utilities so I didn’t need to pay for heat. Then again, in comparing this week’s forecast, the lowest temperatures in LA don’t even overlap with the highest ones in DC.

Moreover, here:

  • I can go to the snow if I really wanted (snowboard, anyone?)
  • I can go outside without a winter coat and not freeze
  • I simply look out the window to see the weather and determine the temperature
  • I rarely ever need to turn on the heater
  • I know that rain will pass (whereas snow can melt, freeze overnight, and turn into ice that lasts for days/weeks)

Other places have harsher winters than DC and, from what I hear, Morocco can get very cold (and snow if one’s placed high/near enough to the Atlas Mountains), too. Here’s the way I see it: on this side of the Atlantic, I had options to choose where I wanted to spend my winter; on the other side, I’ll rough it out there because I don’t exactly have a say in where I could go during the coldest months of the year. Besides winter weather, other significant factors weighed in on my decision process, too.

In the end, as you can probably guess, there wasn’t much of a decision to make.

Yet another reason I :heart: LA.

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