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Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 28, 2010

I’ve been spending too much money lately.

My savings has transformed into an expanded wardrobe – hooray for budgeting and saving when I earned an income! – even though I won’t be wearing much of it during the next two years. Truth be told, my spending hasn’t been completely reckless. I’ve been mindful about the things I buy. For instance, I’m making progress on my PC packing list. I shopped during REI’s January clearance and found great bargains. I took advantage of the after-Christmas sales at the mall. I even found deals at Target too.

Retail therapy at its finest:

You can buy things you like and you have stuff (clothes, gadgets, etc.) to show for the work you out in (time). It’s also a wonderful form of exercise – try it in heels too! After just a few hours, the results are immediate and evident – just check the bags you’re holding! Afraid of buyer’s remorse? Not to worry – shop at stores with great return policies! That way, as you come down from your shopping high/consumption binge and oxygen slowly returns to your brain, you’ll be relieved to know you can return anything you now regret buying!


In reality, I’m not that bad, at least I hope not, especially since paying off those plastic swipes is no fun. Everyone has their guilty pleasure. Mine just so happens to be my closet, which I’ve been better about maintaining, cleaning out, etc. Tip: Invest in classic pieces.

After all, being unemployed makes one watch her spending habits that much more closely, even if shopping is a form of therapy and exercise. On the bright side, I’m doing my part as a consumer to boost the economy! Good thing, right?

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