where is the time

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 12, 2010

Time transforms into an interesting concept during PC.

As a PCT, I’ve lost track of the days and weeks that have past simply because the schedule between arrival and final assignment is so packed each day – language class, cultural discussions, and home stay. Have I mentioned the 5 meals per day – breakfast, morning tea break, lunch, afternoon tea break, and dinner? Come to think of it, I have 6 – my home stay has tea after I get home from lmdrasa (school).

I discovered who the “additional” female in the house is – the eldest sister! That answers one of my endless questions, yippee.


  • class
  • meeting with current PCV
  • spend time with host family

My 6 hours of sleep per night are finally catching up with me. When my alarms go off at 6:30am, I want nothing more than to stay in the warmth of my blankets and sleeping bag and sleep. By the time I hit the sack at night, it’s nearly or slightly past midnight. I just noticed I haven’t had time to be jetlag either – sweet!

It’s 9:20pm now – this is the earliest I’ve retired to my room during this entire (albeit still brief) journey.  I noticed my low energy level today so I’ll sleep early tonight.

Random ramblings:

  • Free incoming text messages and calls on my cell phone! Contact info posted on “Wish List: Care Packages” page. Thanks to those who have emailed me! I really appreciate the well wishes and warm thoughts! I’ll respond once I have a chunk of free time.
  • The more I travel and participate in cross-cultural experiences, the more I feel a common thread of humanity. I notice a big difference between people who talk about an understanding of humanity and those who experience this interconnected humanity – the two just aren’t the same. It’s so easy to forget (even ignore) this feeling in the US.
  • I’m ready to start traveling independently of PC gatherings. I completely enjoy the huge gatherings that are paid for but I want to go on excursions already.
  • PC doesn’t have to mean make up-free! Several PCTs, myself included, still wear some.  Even if I don’t shower on a daily basis, it’s important to me that I appear clean and put-together when I first meet people.
  • Warmth trumps fashion to some extent because it’s so cold. I wear tomorrow’s clothes to bed the night before. I layer on sleeveless cover-up dresses over long-sleeve tops so that the top is an appropriate length. I wear jeans or long skirts over leggings. I slip on running shoes to complete the entire outfit. (Yeah, it’s quite a sight, haha.)
  • Language and culture classes make me miss school.

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