just call me Dunia

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 16, 2010


  • Language class
  • Bicycle repair training
  • Work on community analysis
  • Afternoon tea visits with my and another host family (or more like host parent-LCF teacher conference); we’ll visit the other host families in the days to come
  • Hang out with host family (English-Tashleheit language exchange, braided one host sister’s hair, host mom applied eye liner (coal?) on me)
  • Tashleheit homework

During my parent-teacher conference, I was given the Tashleheit name of Dunia. My host mom picked something close to my American name (or so I was told); it comes from the word “d-dunit” which means earth/world/life. It’s original and I like it but I don’t know if I’ll go by it because 1) I like my name and 2) getting an Arabic (or in this case Tashleheit name) feels like a tourist-type thing to do. We’ll see…

I learned my host mother crochets, cross stitches, and possibly weaves at the French co-op near the main street. She showed me samples – really nice work but I’d modify the color combinations. I braided my host sister’s very long hair. I think it was the first time her braid began at the top of her head because she got teary-eyed when I pulled too hard on her hair a few times. I also brought out my camera and took pictures of and with the family. Fun times.

PCT community is abuzz. We have this weekend “off” and groups are planning activities. I’m hoping to do something away from the hub because I’ll be back there a few days after the weekend.

People have different motivations for joining PC; some are more prevalent than others.

Enjoying learning a new language. I’m going to study/review my notes before bed.


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