Hub #2 and night swimming

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 24, 2010

Vaccination #5: Polio booster

PCTs returned to Ouarzazate for Hub #2 today. It’s almost 2:00am so here are the highlights from today:

I woke up at 6:15am, ate breakfast, and left Agouim around 7:30am with my CBT group and PC/Morocco CD.

At hub, the presentation on Islam was interesting. I think PC does a good job in providing both religious and cultural training during PST. For instance, the way Moroccans celebrate/behave during Ramadan is not representative of the way Muslims celebrate/behave during that time. We also learned that Ramadan could be an opportune time to conduct health and nutrition education.

Many times, Muslims will want to convert non-Muslims for various reasons. The trainers taught us a couple verses from the Koran that will help us politely decline such offerings:

  • “La ik ha lid din” (No compassion in religion)
  • “La kum dinukum waliyadin” (You have your religion and I have mine)

After lunch, I hung out poolside (very exciting that the pool was filled with water!) with a few people. I actually wore my shorts! In the afternoon, each CBT presented their community analysis.

After lunch, I shopped in Ouarzazate. I got a pair of “genie pants.” I also successfully bargained two items – one dress a friend wanted (from 140 dh to 100 dh) and a long top with a hood for myself (from 150 dh to 100 dh). I think I could do better in the future.

PC’s definitely a family. We met the training and program officer today. We completely rallied around him when we heard he extended his service twice. It’s quite admirable.

Tonight’s activities:

Quality conversations.

Impromptu swimming! I was hanging out with two of my CBT-mates and doing laundry in my room. As I was hanging socks on the window to dry, I saw two PCTs walking outside with towels in their arms. I asked if they were going swimming (half jokingly); turns out they were! The ladies and I decide to move our conversation to the (dark) pool deck. This was around 10:30pm.

By the time we got to the pool, the guys had already jumped in and started swimming. No problem, we were only going down there to chat. Or so we initially thought. Within 5 minutes, the three of us decide to join the fellas in the pool. Minor problem: we weren’t prepared at all.

Oh.Well! Mashi musqi!

Next thing you know, the three of us are peeling off our heavier clothing items and jumping into the pool. There are now five people splashing and laughing in the pool. We attempted to play “Marco, Polo” but we got too loud. The hotel manager reminded us people were sleeping. It was cold but it was so much fun! We learned new things about each other!

Honestly, these are the moments – the impulsive and (safely) ridiculous – that I treasure in this experience and in this life.

With that, I’ll wrap up this entry. I need to sleep, it’s another full day tomorrow. Goodnight! J


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