giddy moments

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 14, 2010

T3zza dari…t3zza darm.

During project time, the CBT group rehearsed our dental hygiene lesson plan, sang our “brushing teeth” song, and created choreography for it.

Afterwards, we played a few games to relax and unwind: Monopoly Deal, Left or Right, and Egyptian Rat’s Tail. Fun, fun, fun!

After class, I sat on the ledge with another PCT. We were quickly followed by a group of tween girls interested in talking to us.

It was getting cold and windier, so we headed to my house. I intended to drop off my things then walk my friend home, but was stopped by my host mother, who insisted we stay for tea. We ate and chatted, invited another PCT over, and chatted some more. Eventually, we headed to her house, in which I stayed for tea. I really do enjoy these tea visits. J

I totally shared a few moments with my host mother today.

Breakfast: When I asked her how my Tashleheit is, she replied, “it’s good.” Next, I told her I want to keep learning so that I can speak it better. Know what she said? “Stay here in Agouim.” No joke.

Evening: I was studying, hanging out, and talking to my family. (Yes, i’m a multi-tasker.) I told my mother that I was a little scared (since I don’t know the word for nervous) about going to the next village to work. When she asked why, I replied, “Because I don’t know the family. I really like my family in Agouim. The kids are my sisters and brothers. T3zza dari famila.” (I love the family, in the non-romantic sense.) She said it back and, I think, said I’m part of the family, too. Super sweet!

We exchanged cell phone numbers. I pretended to talk to my host brother on the phone. My youngest brother fell and got a cut on his head. Yikes.

During the tea visit at my friend’s house, her host mother mentioned that my host mother is strict. Yes, I concurred. Back at home, I shared this with my host mother. I also said I think it’s really good that she’s so strict on the children about their homework. They’ll keep at it with their good study habits when they get older. Plus, that’s how my mom was with my brother and I, and our studious habits have served us well (lHamdullah, inshallah).

I got this burst of excitement while I was talking to my family tonight. They’ve been so wonderful, the kids absolutely fantastic. I hugged my siblings before I came into my room.

Anyway, I’m all packed up. We’re all meeting at school at 7:00am. Site announcement tomorrow. 3 days at hub, 6 days for final site visit, and 2 days at hub before returning to Agouim for a final week.

I’m giddy, giddy, giddy!


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