final site: Imi nTlit

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 15, 2010

All anyone could talk about was site announcements today.

I bargained for a scarf! Woot woot! I also…brought all my stuff from CBT to hub. I need to pack and repack tomorrow. I also need to write and send postcards.

A couple things before sharing the really exciting news:

–       3 Moroccan PCMOs are no longer PC/Morocco staff. This comes as really sad news because, while I’ve only been in country for less than two months, my interactions with the now-former PCMOs showed me how dedicated they were to their job. The nurse accommodated me to my dentist appointment when he didn’t need to.

–       PCTs held a silent rave after lunch/before final site announcements. Everyone brought their iPod/mp3 players to the roof of the hotel, popped in their earphones, and danced to their own music. It was so much fun! The neat part was that, when you took your earphones off, you didn’t hear any music but saw so many people jamming out and dancing around. It was really fun sight to see!

Last but definitely not least…

I got my final site assignment today!!

For the next two years, I will be working and living in Imi nTlit!

It’s a few hours from Ouarzazat (hub city) but I’m super excited about this assignment! It’s near Essaoura and the Atlantic Ocean (though how close I don’t know just yet). I will replace the current PCV. I’m placed next to really good PCTs. My closest bank is near the beach. Yes [insert sarcasm] it’s a tough assignment but I’m willing to do it. J


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