vaccination day

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 21, 2010

This morning, as I was getting ready, I heard two gunshots outside. My village doesn’t resemble a big urban city or violent/dangerous place, so I asked my host parents during breakfast about it. There was a rabid dog running around and someone in the village (perhaps a butcher?) decided to kill it before it bit someone. Good call, I’d say. Host father explained the consequences of not killing the dog, getting shots in the stomach, and asking if they exist in the US. I’m really happy I understood the conversation!

Wednesdays are immunization days at the sbitar. Current PCV and I got there a few minutes after 8:00am and there were already parents (primarily mothers) and children (primarily newborns and infants). I watched the nurse weigh babies give shots and medicine to the children and expectant mothers. It was busy but not crowded; apparently, I have more to look forward to. Some people from other villages come to the sbitar via donkey – they sit on the donkey while the baby “rides” (is put on the side donkey basket) on the side.

I hung out with current PCV then went back to host family for a quiet afternoon.

When I came in, host grandmother asked if I wanted to go upstairs and rest. After all, I did wake up at 7am this morning! I said yes but rather than sleep, I studied some Tashleheit.

Around noon, my host sisters returned for lunch. I studied flash cards while they watched TV before lunch. After lunch, I returned to my room for a nap, which I did not take. Rather, I did some more studying. I came downstairs close to 5:00pm and helped my host mother (who, by the way, is my age) sort through argon seeds from shells. When the girls came home, I switched to watching TV with them

Dinner was at 10:00pm. Lateness.

Notes to self:

–       I’d like to learn French.

–       I want to keep myself motivated, even with little/simple tasks. Days are long but it’s easy to loose track of time here. As my LCF said before, “Time is timeless.”


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