spaghetti and pizza

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 25, 2010

Make a plate for Diana.

– youngest brother in Agouim

I woke up before 7:00am but stayed in my room until 9:00am. It felt good to stay in bed, relax, and do some work before stepping out to face the day. I ate breakfast with the family and discussed dinner plans before meeting up with my friends.

For lunch, we went to Ighrem, the next douar over, where there’s a current PCV. She graciously hosted and fed us – cheese tasting (plain, garlic, mint and honey, spicy lives, and I forget the last), salad and spaghetti, and A-Z cake. All were delicious! We talked for hours and swapped stories. We toasted to the end of CBT. We’re almost PCVs!

When we got back to Agouim, I stopped at the bu-xdrt’s (vegetable store) and bought vegetables for dinner because I planned on making pizza.

With the help of two friends and nearly my entire host family, I made 3 pizzas from scratch! Oh, my LCF helped make one too. Sweet accomplishment.

I was grateful to have my LCF during dinner because he translated my words of appreciation to my host family. Honestly, this is such a good family. These are such good people. The children are so well behaved.

According to my LCF, my host mother and siblings consider me a member of their family. They look after me when I’m here and worry about me when I’m not. My youngest host brother tells his mom to make me a plate of food when I’m not around. My other brother tells the teacher not to punish me and my neighbor CBT-mate. My sisters look after me. Seriously, these people are my first family in Agouim.

Nonetheless, I need to reset myself for home stay. I don’t want to keep making comparisons. Rather, I want to move forward. I want to start at the same level of enthusiasm for final site home stay as I did when I first arrived in Agouim.

I want to make a crack at my reading list. Top books include: Half the Sky and cooking books.


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