goodbye Harold/Hero

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 27, 2010

“Ak irhm rbbi” (May God bless it, said when talking about someone who has/something that has passed)

Last night’s sleepover was fun! 🙂

Harold/Hero, the kitten, died today, despite our CBT’s efforts to care for him.

Last night, he woke up and cried/squealed several times. We thought he was hungry and cold so we fed him milk and kept him warm. One CBT-mate practically stayed up all night caring for Harold. He even went with us to school this morning. Nonetheless, Harold was not meant to stay with us. On the bright side, he left this world better than he entered. He was washed, fed, and cared for. Little did we know, we provided a hospice for Harold.

After Harold passed, a few of us went to bury him near the riverbed. This was my first animal/pet funeral. A few CBT-mates were pretty shaken up.

This afternoon, my LCF invited a few young women from Agouim to talk and practice Tashleheit with us. It was overwhelming but fun and useful to speak with different native speakers. We have a language proficiency test on Thursday.

This short period, just under two weeks, is a big transition and it’s causing a lot of stress on people, myself included on some level. As such, I’m taking more time for myself than I did previously in order to calm my nerves, find some tranquility, and (re)focus on this next part. Also, I’m distancing myself from others’ stress and anxieties because there’s no need to exacerbate tensions.

Tutoring was helpful. So was talking to the current PCV who is living/working here.

Let’s see…I’ll wrap up on a positive note: I have a bank account in Morocco now! Woo hoo! One step closer to officially living in Morocco! Oh, I spent some quality time with my host family/siblings tonight, too.


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