smell of fresh rain

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 28, 2010

Stay in Agouim. Don’t leave.

This morning during breakfast, I was telling my host mother about some of the differences between Agouim and my final site. For example, this house has 3 rabinis (faucets) whereas the other house only has 1 for the entire house. Her response surprised me: “Stay in Agouim. Don’t leave.” On top of that, when I went to pick up my CBT-mate across the way, her mother told us a similar message as we left for school.

As frustrating as this experience can be sometimes, it’s still about the people. They are willing to give so much even though they don’t have a lot. The good outweigh the bad.

Entire day was spent studying for the Language Proficiency Interview that’s taking place tomorrow. I had a productive day reviewing and practicing language, collecting my thoughts, and relaxing.

Clouds rolled over Agouim this afternoon. It rained between 5:00-7:00pm. Most of us stayed at school until the rain subsided. No problem.

I enjoyed the smell of fresh rain and the sound of it hitting the ground. There was a patch of grass growing in front of the house across the way. The color was so bold and vibrant that it contrasted so much with the gray skies and brown dirt.

I think everyone was in better spirits today. I studied some Tashleheit with one of my host sisters after I got home.

I’m off to bed!


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