limtiHan n Tashleheit

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 29, 2010

limtiHan n Tashleheit…safi! (Tashleheit test…done!)

LPI over, yippee!!!

I stepped up to the plate and was the first to interview. There were general questions (about me, CBT in Agouim, future in Imi nTlit) and one scenario (I was attending a traditional Moroccan wedding and had to talk about it). LPI was a lot more enjoyable than I thought. Results will come out in 2-3 days. Hope I did well, inshallah!

While someone was taking her LPI, my LCF imitated each of us who were done. In 6 weeks, he’s picked up on the gestures that each person uses when she’s learning and talking.

The more information one shares with locals, the more you’re asked about it, as was the case with the LPI. Every host family knew about it and asked about it afterwards. Granted, all the PCTs were nervous/stressed about doing well on it; nonetheless, it was yet another opportunity to practice Tashleheit with native speakers.

Following lunch, we all preceded to watch Bourne Identity and relax until class ended. When I got home, I ate an after school snack (leftovers from lunch – yum!) with my siblings. Afterwards, my host brothers went outside with their mother. I, on the other hand, found myself teaching my host sister how to ride a bike!

It all started with me asking host sister whether she knew how to ride a bike. Host dad taught her the oldest of her younger brothers. She didn’t. I told her I knew how to and that it’s a lot of fun. I also told her that all my friends here know how to ride a bike. My parents thought it was important for me to learn how to ride when I was young. On she went to the bike seat. I held onto the back while she peddled. She liked it a lot.

During evening tea, when she, her parents, and brother were seated at the table, I shared with them all that she learned how to ride a bike earlier. Little by little, I said, and her father agreed. It appeared that he was happy with this news, inshallah and lHamdullah! Teaching her to ride a bike is a fun yet significant skill building activity. One step forward for the females in this household, inshallah!


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