lmdrasa visit, bake night, amalou

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 30, 2010

This morning, my LCF surprised all of us with a chocolate bar in each of our seats, respectively. It was his way of congratulating each of us for passing the LPI. Woot woot!

Before lunch, we visited the lmdrasa (elementary school). I’m pretty sure I sufficiently embarrassed two of my four host siblings by showing up in their class. It was fun to recognize faces and useful to observe the classes. We walked around the small campus, inspected the restrooms, and asked questions about education and health.

This afternoon/evening/night, we baked the cookies and cake that will be served at tomorrow’s party. We prepped at school and baked at a CBT-mate’s house.

I made amalou(!), which is home-made [insert nut] butter. I made peanut butter and almond butter by combining roasted and raw nuts and vegetable oil. A dash of sugar is optional.

The end of CBT is bittersweet. I’m ready for the next part of PC yet I’m sad about leaving my host family and getting separated from my friends. I won’t have an LCF any longer. I won’t have a school or chef at school anymore.

On the flip side, I will go to permanent site. I will prepare for my own place. I will cook soon. I will get to travel and explore more of Morocco, not just Ouarzazat region. I will learn more of the language. I will identify projects and implement them. I will finally roll up my sleeves and work alongside people in my community, inshallah.

Lots to look forward to. J


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