meeting with the Ministry of Health delegate

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 11, 2010

Today was a full on work day, to say the least.

I woke before 7:00am, had breakfast (bread dipped in butter and sweet mint green tea) at home, and headed to the COSing PCV’s house. By 9:15am, we boarded the taxi and made our way into Essa. After a quick debrief/pow wow at the cafe with the others, I made my way to the awesome cafe with free wi-fi. I spent some time on the phone with PC, caught up on email, and worked some.

At 2:30pm, I headed to the Ministry of Health (MOH) with the other Health PCVs. Our meeting was at 3:00pm; we didn’t leave until 5:15pm. It went really well, I think. We even left with some paraphernalia on public health and prevention education.

Following that, I met with two people, one of whom will be my tutor, inshallah. I still need to figure out my schedule at-site, so I told both that I’d get back to them.

My day didn’t wrap up until 9:30pm. I still need to open a mailbox at the post office too. Oh, and I’m starting to explore housing options for after home-stay.

It’s time to kick up my Tashleheit. Let the fun times begin!


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