gender and child development

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 28, 2010

Today was the quietest and calmest day of the week. Ironically, the winds were blowing through the valley nonstop since the wee hours of the morning; in fact, they’re still going strong and it’s almost 11:00pm.

I hand-washed my clothes and hung them to dry on the lines. After lunch, I went to the neddi and hung out there for a bit.

I like that today was low-key. It allowed for much needed reflection time on my community and service.

Gender and development (GAD) is a PCV committee that tries to get PCV projects to include, or at least consider, all aspects of development and not just focus on women capacity building. You can’t have one – women advancement – without considering the other factors, i.e., gender roles, child development, family, nutrition, and the list goes on. I understood the theoretical purpose of GAD.

This week, I saw up close, to the point of being almost tangible, the importance of GAD and child development as they relate to international development work in particular and society in general.

Which came first: chicken or the egg?

Now reframe the question in a GAD context.

Who learns from whom: parent or child?

Think about it. When it comes to things like personal conduct, personal hygiene, respect for the opposite gender, the value of education, work ethic, gender roles, manners, the meaning of marriage, etc.

Or is this a question of nature vs. nurture?

Looks like this could be something I study for the next two years…


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