art and street (junk) food

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 30, 2010

Today was a well-spent personal day. I didn’t have any errands to complete (a first, I know) so I took my time wandering the medina. In doing that, I accomplished two of the activities on my Essa to-do list: check out the art scene and eat street food.

I visited an art shop I’ve been eyeing and am so glad I finally went in. As it turns out the owner is also one of the featured artists in the store. Another reason for me to be excited about moving out of home stay: decorating my own place! I also met several local artisans as I peeped into several shops to look at their crafts and, of course, clothes.

One thing I like to do when I travel is eat like a local. My favorite is the hole-in-the-wall joints that all the locals frequent for meals. With this objective in mind, here’s my food log (and prices) for the day:

  • Grilled cheese with tomatoes and Poms for breakfast (<10 dhs)
  • 1 glass of raib (yogurt-like food, 4 dhs)
  • 1 fried potato (1 dh)
  • 3 oranges (4 dhs)
  • remaining bag of mixed nuts
  • iced coffee (10 dhs)
  • 1 cookie (4 dhs)
  • 1 bowl of Herrera soup (3 dhs)
  • 1 glass of sweet mint green tea (1 dh)
  • 2 fish balls (2 dhs)
  • 2 macaroons (2 dhs)
  • 1 corn on the cob (1 dh)
  • 1 bag of Crax crispy crackers (5 dhs)

Total cost: ~45 dhs (or ~$5)

As a PCV pointed out, I clearly have no problem switching from sweet to savory to sweet again. What can I say, it’s a talent I fully embrace! J

I wanted to try a lot of random food this time. However, I usually don’t spend this much money on food. I eat meals with my home stay family; beyond that, I don’t buy much if anything at my site right now.


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