literacy: how to quantify it?

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on June 5, 2010

Readers were born free and ought to remain free.

– Vladimir Nabokov

I’m letting my hair grow out. Before I went to bed last night, I noticed a semi-mullet starting to emerge in the back/out of the way I currently wear my hair, which is more of a bob.

This morning, I did something I haven’t asked anyone outside of a salon to do since…well, several years. I asked my friend to trim off the mullet portion of my hair. A clip and a snip later, I’m sporting a bob hairstyle. Appears as one length but still layered. Much better.

Walking out of the medina, I got to thinking about literacy and present day society. Reading – leisure, work, even just in passing – is such a big part of my life. Being literate enables me to learn new ideas, it allows to me escape into different worlds, it teaches me new skills.

It must be so scary being illiterate. You learn by talking and listening. Information gets lost if it can’t be recorded or remembered.

The past couple books I’ve read have featured women with their heads covered. I wonder what some of the women think when they see these covers – do they question it? Do they expect it? Are they surprised by it?

The brain is a muscle. It gets stronger the more you use it. What areas of the brain am I using most vs. what areas are they using most?

It’s not even a gender issue now. This covers both men and women. I expected Morocco to be more literate, i.e., people reading newspapers on their steps in the morning. That’s hardly been the case.

In the bled, most people are semi- to illiterate. What does that mean for the people?

Hopefully this entry was coherent. It’s 1:00am.

“Actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t matter so much what you say as what you do. You may have good intentions, but if they are not supported by your behavior, they are worthless. Act with integrity in the moment of choice. Be true to yourself, be honest, and never say what you don’t mean.”

– Stephen R. Covey


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  1. richard yan said, on June 12, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    waddup sis?! i love the post but have some questions.

    so how do you get the books that you say that you’re reading? is there an english trading/bookstore for you?

    you have a friend there, maybe i missed it but is the friend another PCV or a local that you befriended?

    LASTLY – can you PLEASE translate (in parenthesis or something) what the vocabulary words mean when you type them? Maybe I’m bad at figuring words from context or lazy, but PLEASEEEEEE translate?

    • nauticalgal said, on June 13, 2010 at 6:08 am

      Thanks for reading!

      Books: PC office has a library in it, built up largely from the donations of PCVs who finished service and didn’t want to carry them home.
      Friend: I don’t remember the entry but it’s probably one of the few locals I’m comfortable calling “friend” (of course it’s a female, and even then, if I tell her she’s my friend, I’m very much aware of giving her that…”title.” Anyway, it’s possible it’s another PCV but I try to make that distinction whenever possible.
      Translation: yes, I try to keep that in mind. I translate words the first time I type them but it’s possible I missed some. I’ll keep at it.

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