surprises and unexpecteds

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on June 8, 2010

Do one thing that scares you everyday.

I forget who penned that but I’d like to add to it:

Do something new everyday.

That’s the reoccurring theme this week (and it’s only halfway through).

New experiences:

–       I saw the sbitar house. It’s currently being used as a storage place. I also saw some of the work that a previous PCV did to illustrate health lessons targeted towards illiterate populations.

–       I finally went into the empty house (site of the old co-op, perhaps?) where women crack argon nuts. I only heard them cracking before.

–       I had tea at the house of the dar taliba’s security guard. I had tea with his wife and two sons. The youngest boy’s nickname is Little Obama. Afterwards…

–       I saw the house of the president of my village. It’s imqqrn, ifulki, and…breathtaking.


–       I was invited into the awesome old woman’s house, to see the paint job that’s been going on. She showed me around her house. I truly believe she would get a long with my grandmother, even with the language barrier. Both are smart, animated and quirky, and receptive to learning new things. They’re each “chic-y” (as people here say it) in her own non-offensive/non-intrusive way.

–       My CBT host family called me! I talked to the mother, two brothers, and the oldest daughter. I heard the father in the background. Ahh, it was such a pleasant surprise! Hearing their voices made me miss them (and my CBT site) so much! They asked how I’m going and if I’m accustomed to my final site. I’d like to visit them before/after PPST, inshallah. (My current host family was surprised and curious as to who I was speaking Tashleheit to on the phone.)

I learned that the staff of the dar taliba have not been paid for the last six months. It saddens me because these people are so dedicated to their job (and they already live in the bled). They work hard. They don’t complain. They make the most out of what they have. They’re also some of the most hospitable and welcoming people in the community.

I like that I’m stepping out into my community. It’s intimidating (and easy to stay indoors and lose myself in a good book) but I know it’s necessary.

I forced myself to study more Tashleheit today. Good move on my part. J


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