international readers

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on June 11, 2010

Whilest sitting at the post office, waiting for the customs official to arrive, 3 PCVs pull out the latest book they’re reading. One book is set in Iran, another in Korea, and the third in England.

As PCVs, one of the biggest pastimes is reading. You read when you’re in home stay and you’re in your own place, when you’re waiting to catch a ride or one to fill, when you’re waiting for friends to arrive on the side of the road.

You read. A lot. You read any books you can get your hand on.

Libraries aren’t available in the bled. No surprise that I was super excited when I found one by accident. It has mostly French books but it’s furnished like a nice library I’d find in the US. Membership fee is 100dhs/year, not a bad deal at all.


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