farewell home stay

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on June 30, 2010

Updates on last week’s festivities are coming. For now…

2 host families and 4 months later, tonight I reached the last night of home stay. lHamdullah.

Today started off early, as in wake up at 3:20am. I rode out to the dunes near Essa and saw the production of a commercial for an British credit card. Foreigners acted the role of tourists in a made-up overnight camel trek set.

I returned to Essa around 10:00am. After a couple pastries and a glass of orange juice from Café Driss, I headed to Aswak Asalaam to pick up a few things for my house! I sped shopped, which probably worked in my (wallet’s) favor, and only picked up essential items this time.

The taxi ride home was interesting. The man seated next to me was a mudir n lmdrasa (director of an elementary school) near my village. He knew of me, I guess. No surprise there. Topic of conversation: SIDA transmission. I was impressed by the extent of his knowledge on it, highlights follow:

–       [World] AIDS Day is once a year. You forget about it the rest of the year.

–       AIDS is transmitted through risky behavior (i.e., needle sharing)

–       He acknowledged that there are gay men (or rather men who have sex with men, MSMs), sex (pre-marital, infidelity, commercial sex)

I also shared with him highlights from working at Gnaoua (i.e., people who think that because they are Muslim they are immune from AIDS).

When I returned to site, I dropped of my bags at my house before returning to my host family’s house. There’s a lot to do before the house I’m renting feels like my own but I’m excited.

The rest of the evening, I hung out with my host siblings, took a nap, and helped my host mother prepare dinner. The fabulous old woman stayed over tonight! I was so happy to see her and vice versa. J

I’m waking up early to pack the rest of my belongings. I moved about half of it to my house already. I’ll head out, or start moving, after breakfast.

I made it – though home stay!


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