ridin’ solo

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 6, 2010

A part-time effort, a sorta-kinda commitment, an untested promise, won’t suffice. You must know that you mean business; that you’re going to jump into it up to your eye sockets and not turn back at the last minute.

– Gregg Levoy

The title of this post was inspired by Jason Derulo’s song “Ridin’ Solo” because the song, like today, was just that type of day – uplifting and optimistic.

I was out the door by 8:30am. I hopped on the soq bus destined for Essa and spent the whole day completing errands: recharge my Meditel wifi stick (quick and painless), stop into Maroc Telecom to ask why my phone hasn’t been working (it works now!), return (even though I meant to renew) a library book, catch up and send emails (nice to not be overwhelmed by unread ones), lunch at one of my favorite cafés outside Essa’s medina while completing the PCV survey (now I know how it feels to be on both sides – analyzing feedback and giving feedback), and grocery shopping at Aswak Asalaam (where I only found half the things on my shopping list yet managed to spend way too much money).

Back in site, After I dropped off my things at home, I made my way up to my host family’s neighbor’s house. I wanted to be social and watch Diablo, the latest Hispanic soap opera dubbed in Arabic, with her. Whilst I was playing with her youngest brother outside, my host family saw me and beckoned me inside for afternoon tea, though it was coffee this time. I met more host family members, these living near Marrakesh. Oh to be on display! Haha.

I caught the last of Diablo with my old neighbor and hung out with her. When I left her house, it seemed like the entire neighborhood (or all the women on the hill at least) were outside. On my way home, one of the neighborhood girls asked me when I’d teach her English. I’m totally willing to teach her – she’s super sweet and, I believe, has a lot of potential and is young enough to do well learning English now.

Part of enjoying the food one eats is to know what went into the food that one eats. With that said, I got creative in the kitchen tonight! Home-made almond and peanut butters. Salad with lettuce, cucumbers, and garlic-seasoned chicken topped with peanut butter and mustard. Watermelon juice.

Finally, I discovered I can pick up internet from my roof! It’s not super fast but it’s enough to check email, yay! I haven’t tried the entire roof so there might be another spot with faster connection.

Overall, a fantastic day in the life of this PCV!


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