Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 30, 2010

This morning’s presentation on a Peer Education program really inspired me. Not only that, but I’ve thinking along the same lines for my site. I think it’s doable.

This afternoon, there was a SIDA presentation. Guess who was one of the two presenters?! That’s right – yours truly! Basic outline of the presentation:

–       Introduction

–       “Informational Video on HIV/AIDS”

–       Goals and objectives

–       SIDA Committee and the SIDA representative (me!)

–       Past experiences

–       Resources

–       Condom demonstration! (It’s important for both males and females to know how to put on/take off a condom so I asked for 4 volunteers – 2 males, 2 females – to assist in the demo. Each “team” consisted of one male and one female. On team A, the male put on/took off a condom while the female pretended her hand was a penis. On team B, the female put on/took off a condom while the male pretended his hand was a penis.)

–       Brainstorming: possibly activities, possible community partners

–       Drafting a SIDA project/activity that could be executed in each person’s site

–       Presentation by SIDA Sud, Moroccan NGO

If it wasn’t for the SIDA Sud presentation, I wouldn’t have learned that there’s a brothel nearby this hotel.

I had a ton of fun co-presenting today. 🙂


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