Discotequie Biblos: taking over the club

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 6, 2010

That’s what we did – 1st year Health PCVs and I. 🙂

Tonight, I created a new style for a dress. I love doing that, making clothes multi-functional and Diana-friendly when I can get away with doing both. 🙂 I also enjoy creating new looks for people that they like. It’s so much fun. Priority #1: the person has to feel comfortable in the outfit. When that’s accomplished, people’s confidence gets a boost and they can enjoy the moment (instead of fretting over what/how they look).

Dance like there’s no one watching.

I love that people in my stage love to dance. At every training we’ve had – 2 thus far (PST and IST) – everyone lets off steam and is ready to have fun on Friday night. It doesn’t matter where we are – granted, we’ve been in Ouarzazate both times – because we enjoy each others’ company. Good music. And a dance floor, of course.


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