sans cell phone

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 26, 2010

I left my cell phone at home this morning. I’ll be gone from site for about a week. No problems while away, inshallah.

It’s been super hot in the area lately. I actually slept on my roof for the entire night!

When I first arrived in Essa, I was drenched in sweat underneath the scarf that always drapes around my neck when I travel. That’s right, I don’t show any neck bones when I travel.

Anyway, I spent the first part of my day in Essa, where I completed errands and ate carrot cake and a banana/strawberry smoothie for lunch at the Cantina, a British-owned “Mexican” food restaurant.

This evening, a few PCV friends and I hopped in a taxi – after much fare negotiation – to Moulay…. We walked to the beach, cooked soft tacos and made a fruit salad for dinner, and now we’re sleeping at this, oh how do I describe this place…a man and woman’s home who is “renting out” a few rooms in their house to 7-9 PCVs. We used their kitchen to prepare dinner. There was such a medley of smells – American food and Moroccan tagine – what a combination.

Isolated beach “town.” Looking forward to spending the entire day here tomorrow. Good night!


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