Moulay Bouzerktoun

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 27, 2010

Shining star…you’ll go far in whatever organization you’re at.

– PCV Tim

I forget how this line came about but it came up during a conversation between dinner and a game of Bananagrams. A very nice thing to say. Inshallah this shapes true. 🙂

Happy birthday, Nina, my province- and CBT-mate!

A day spent on a deserted section of a windy beach with a wonderful group of people. At no point did the winds cease blowing sand into my face and body, belongings, or food but that didn’t stop me from splashing in the Atlantic Ocean!

Another sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. This time from a new spot.

I paid 10dhs to shower in a windsurf “shop” that had “douche” (shower, in French) advertised all over its entrance. Shower was absolutely worth the 10dhs.

I know how to play Bananagrams now – hooray!

CBT ladies + Essa family + LA/Cal girls + Moulay Bouzerktoun = priceless escape from the heat of Ramadan.


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