ding dong ditch

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on September 6, 2010

“This [thefts] happens all over Morocco” – host grandmother.

I find it unfortunate that a Moroccan would generalize thefts as something that happens all over Morocco. I’d recommend her clarify that while thefts happen all over Morocco, not all Moroccans are thefts.

I startled a pesty little boy by opening my front door just as he started to knock on my door for the third time in the span of an hour. He fell forward on his face. I sternly asked what he wanted. He quickly picked himself up, said, “nothing,” and immediately ran away…to the house two doors down. Not only do I know who the culprit is now, but I know where he lives! Haha!

There must’ve been a Jackie Chan movie on recently. People have been making more slant eyes gestures as well as saying the name “Jackie Chan.”

Boys want to learn English, too! On my way to my host family’s house, I past a young boy rolling a cart (for lack of the actual name). He asked when I’d teach English to the boys. My classes have consisted of all girls. I wasn’t exclusively teaching to girls; rather, the venue – the neddi – dictated which gender would be more likely to attend.

At host family’s house, I saw how strongly the wrath of Moroccan Muslims can fall onto a non-fasting Moroccan Muslim. It’s crazy ridiculous.


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