IST, time for stage reunion!

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I left Rabat at 8:00am and arrived in Marrakech around 2:00pm.

1st year Health and Environment volunteers are gathering at CNSS Hotel this week for In-Service Training. Volunteers are sleeping in the bungalows. Busy week ahead. Hooray for seeing everyone again!

chat, chat, chat

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I love the country but I don’t like the people.

– Moroccans about Morocco

Moroccans love the land but not the people who inhabit it because Morocco is a corrupt country, at least according to Moroccans I talk to. Quite unfortunate, I think.

Busy day. Chatty day.

I worked in the office. I put together World AIDS Day kits. I met with the new Programming and Training Officer today to discuss the Diversity training for the current PCTs. I talked to the CD.

After paying my hotel bill at the Villeda, I found myself in a conversation with the son of the hotel owner. In Spanglish, literally, we discussed politics, growing up Chinese-American, the origins question, Moroccans’ opinions of Morocco – love the country, dislike the people – and the culture, the English language and globalization. I love communicating in different languages, even more when more than one language is being used to communicate.

taste of the expat life

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if D did it then I can do it!

– My cousin’s life motto

Oh goodness…for better or worse, haha.

4:00 am bedtime: Tonight, I attended an expat’s birthday party, where I had a lot of fun and met some fascinating people. It was held at a house near the medina; the homeowner remodeled it completely to modern living standards and style before renting the place out. It was gorgeous. Afterwards, I went to Prive Lounge. Hands down, most legit lounge I’ve been to since arriving in country. (Agadir has the most legit club.) Quite the underworld of Morocco: dress to impress clientele, fully stocked bar, good music. I must say, that’s where young, rich Moroccans go to party. Prive could be really fun if I went with a group of friends (instead of being one of less than a handful of non-Moroccans there).

I think about what it’d be like to live as an expatriate somewhere. I’ve considered dipping into it while serving in PC – that is, living in my village but socializing with expats when I’m out of it, say in Essaouira proper. It’s balancing two totally disparate worlds. The former is a relatively cheap lifestyle, while the latter can be expensive.  One’s homogenous with people who rarely travel outside the village; the other’s diverse in every sense of the world – citizens of the world, international travelers, a range of experiences and KSA in their CVs, fascinating stories abound.

I don’t sleep well in most hotels because I’m weary of the bug situation – bed bugs and mosquitos, more specifically. This means I usually don’t sleep well the first night of arriving somewhere new. Hoping to sleep well tonight!

sisters and happiness

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medical conversations

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Meeting the new PC med staff:

B: I’m here temporarily, so just ignore me.

D: Oh, are you here on detail?

B: “Detail”? You must be military.

D: No, no. I just worked in government before Peace Corps.

The end of my appointment with the new PCMO:

“D, I love your questions.” – newest PCMO, said with a hint of sarcasm I suspect, when I asked her what the “MiF” in MiF kit stood for and she didn’t know.

Meeting the new medical admin staff, when I asked her whether she’s Moroccan:

“Why do you ask? Is it because – [cue for her to squint her eyes] – because my eyes are like this, like yours?”

After dropping off my second stool sample of the day at the lab, the receptionist who recognizes me jokingly says:

“Do you have nothing to do today?”

Apparently, you’re supposed to wait at least 24-hours between stool samples. I have to submit 3 for worms testing. Fun!