Paris, the second time around

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 2, 2010

This time compared to my first trip to Paris, which was 8 years ago:

  • City is much more diverse. There are more people from other countries living in Paris. English language is heard more. More ethnic food.
  • I lunched at Chinese restaurant: duck noodle soup and soy milk. I “spoke” some Mandarin to the waiter. (By spoke I mean at least every other word was Tashleheit and/or English. Haha)
  • I’m seeing the city through the eyes of a resident. My friend lived and worked in Paris before she joined Peace Corps.
  • I’m traveling with 4 PCVs instead of 30 high school students.

Fresh bread and delicious cheese. Fresh pastries. Hot chocolate from a chocolatier. Rabbit for dinner followed by chocolate mousse and coffee for dessert. Art walk at night.


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