breast milk

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 14, 2010

The most effective leaders from all walks of life—the classroom, the battlefield, the corporation—have set down challenging but achievable visions…Nothing is more demoralizing and ultimately useless than an unachievable vision.

– Tom Peters and Nancy Austin

Me: “Does your baby drink your breast milk?”

Woman: “I give it to him but she doesn’t like it. She likes cow milk.”

Me: “You should give your baby breast milk. It’s very important for the first two years. It has vitamins and will help the baby grow big and healthy.”

Woman: “I try but she doesn’t like it. Look.” She proceeds to demonstrate by whiping out her breast, squeezing the nipple so that she lactates, and brings the baby to suckle on her breast. “See, the baby won’t take it.”

Me: “Keep doing it. The baby will get used to it. Breast milk has vitamins. Cow milk and powdered milk do not.”

Three woman came for pre-natal check ups – woohoo!


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