Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 23, 2010

Internet, oh internet, I’m keeping you out of my house following IST. You are too slow for what I’d like to use you for at home. That means you are a timewaster.

Facebook is the only website that consistently, albeit also slowly, loads and I don’t need to read peoples’ updates every 20 minutes as I wait for other websites to hopefully load.

A 5.00-7.50 dh ride will take me to the nearest cyber café, where I can connect to a better connection. Another 8.00-17.50 dh ride will get me to a cyber café with faster internet connection.

Last week, I went without internet. That made me much more productive in so many ways – cooking, chores, exercise, reading, interacting with my community. I even caught up on replying to emails better. I had time to concentrate on what I was writing to whom I was writing.

I’m not void of technology in my house for entertainment. I have my cell phone. I have my hard drive where there are too many movies waiting for me to watch. There are also DVDs from the previous PCV in my house. Plus music to listen to. Exercise to be done. Reading to do. I love reading and I’m so glad I get to do that here.

Internet, no hard feelings. Surely I’ll let you into my house another day.

Signs of hair growth: split ends – oh, how I detest you!


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