medical conversations

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 28, 2010

Meeting the new PC med staff:

B: I’m here temporarily, so just ignore me.

D: Oh, are you here on detail?

B: “Detail”? You must be military.

D: No, no. I just worked in government before Peace Corps.

The end of my appointment with the new PCMO:

“D, I love your questions.” – newest PCMO, said with a hint of sarcasm I suspect, when I asked her what the “MiF” in MiF kit stood for and she didn’t know.

Meeting the new medical admin staff, when I asked her whether she’s Moroccan:

“Why do you ask? Is it because – [cue for her to squint her eyes] – because my eyes are like this, like yours?”

After dropping off my second stool sample of the day at the lab, the receptionist who recognizes me jokingly says:

“Do you have nothing to do today?”

Apparently, you’re supposed to wait at least 24-hours between stool samples. I have to submit 3 for worms testing. Fun!


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