football, chili potluck, and Lonely Planet

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 3, 2010

D, where are your scandalous [PC] stories? All I hear about you are SIDA, Diversity, etc.

– PCV in my stage

Looking forward keeping it that way, inshallah! Haha.

I played football after lunch! Woohoo!

That’s quite possibly…the most rigorous exercise I’ve had in the past, oh, 8 months. How (a)pathetic of me. Well, like the saying goes, imik s imik (little by little)…I will exercise regularly again…inshallah.

Tonight’s bungalow chili cook off turned into a stage potluck. 4 types of chili. Most of the PCVs in my stage and a few 2nd-year PCVs were there.

A writer for Lonely Planet Morocco literally popped into the bungalow gathering to tell us to share any tourist stop-worthy places that are in our sites. I mentioned the cooperatives in my site – Tamounte (argon oil) and Tudert (soap) – inshallah, there will be follow up!


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