Yesmine at the hammam

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 16, 2010

Yesmine is my two-year old play pal. She’s the daughter of my friend’s brother, or her niece. We hardly speak the same language – she gargles some Arabic, mostly baby talk while I gargle some Arabic, mostly Tashglish. We became instant friends the moment I walked into Latifa’s kitchen.

With her mother’s consent, Yesmine joined the girls’ outing to the hammam. That’s right, a few young ladies made going to the hammam a special occasion.

I forgot how much I enjoy the hammam. The hotter the room you’re sitting in, the more dirt and dead skin arises from your body. It’s crazy…awesome. Spas in the US, whilst comparable, do not have the same effect. Why? Because in the US, most people bathe everyday. In Morocco, most people bathe, oh I don’t know, once a week on average. So the dead skin and dirt effect is less noticeable in the US.

Yesmine. I stayed in the coolest room with her half of the time since she’s too young to tolerate the hotter and hottest rooms. Not a problem. She was good most of the time, only crying when I left her side for a little while to exfoliate in the hotter room. As adorable as she is, Yesmine straight up pooped while in the hammam. I thought I smelt something before I saw it. I should’ve taken her squatting position more seriously. At least none of the other inhabitants in the cool room made a big deal about it. Her aunt quickly took the mat Yesmine and the mat she was sitting on out to wash off.


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