3id n Tafeska (Eid Kebir)

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 17, 2010

I can’t say enough how fabulous you are.

See you soon,


Positive reinforcement and genuine words make me happy. 🙂

Question of the day: how much liver and stomach lining is too much?

Answer: when you burp up aftertaste of grilled liver and stomach lining.

I had breakfast with my host family. I watched my host father slaughter and butcher the sheep. I helped my host mother wash out the stomach lining and intestines. I watched my host family grill sheep kebabs.

For some reason, I wasn’t particularly inclined to take pictures today. I know, me of all people, not wanting to photo-document everything today of all days?! Not because I was dreading the day ahead (although I did wake up to sheep baaa-aa-aaahing this morning). Rather, I was disinclined to because, well…this is life. 3id may be a Muslim holiday but killing animals for food is a natural thing. Before people bought packaged and plastic-wrapped food, people had to kill their own food. Nonetheless, I brought my camera along with me anyway. And I took a few pictures. Seriously, I probably could’ve taken a lot more.

I don’t think dismembering an animal is gross. Actually, I think quite the opposite: it’s a craft. I watched my host family (and people in my community as I dropped in for visits) take the sheep apart and consume or save most of the animal. It’s a skill. I actually like the idea of taking apart one’s food, like when I buy chicken at souk, because that’s the natural way of doing things. Of survival. Watching my family prepare meals at family gatherings, frequenting Chinatown, and shopping at quote-unquote ethnic supermarkets likely also play a role in my appreciation for not only food, but the process of food preparation itself. I love being in the kitchen when people prepare feasts. It’s such a great show to watch.

The stomach-wrapped pieces of liver on kebabs is quite yummy. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. The cumin and salt add good flavors to the skewers. I say, just consider the kebabs bacon-wrapped pieces of meat.

Speaking of which, Thanksgiving is coming up!


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