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Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on December 8, 2010

Kunichiwa…kunichiwa…good price?

– young Moroccan male to me, as he walks by the restaurant I’m eating at

That’s just a tiny glimpse into the type of harassment I receive when I’m in Essa and, actually, in Morocco in general. Please note, not all Moroccan males are this disrespectful or offensive; there are some who are respectful, educated, and, well, act gentlemanly.

I love connecting people with people, or with resources. Networking, I guess you call it.

Full day of SBD-type work:

  • I went to Essa to retrieve the unsold throw blankets and cross-stitched products that the president of Taounia Tawsna took with her to Marche Maroc and brought them back to site because she was unable to
  • I went to Taounia Tamounte to get prices for argon oil and products
I want to work with these, and Taounia Tudert, a soap cooperative, to improve their businesses to Western markets. Anyone interested in purchasing (or supporting in some way) female cooperatives who produce textiles, argon oil (cosmetic and culinary), and/or aromatic soaps?
Let me know – I’d be happy to connect!

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  1. Amy Howland Rock said, on March 16, 2011 at 1:07 am

    I was in Peace Corps Morocco 2008/2009 I did a year and 6 months, I left a bit early due to falling in love with someone back in the states. Anyways I’m contacting you because I saw your reference to the saop cooperative Tudert, This was my site:)! I would love to have some contact with them and my host family who lives one minute from the co-op and all work there. They don’t have and address so I’m not able to send them things and my tash is soo bad these days that calling doen’t work soo well.. Could I maybe send you a package to give to them? where is your site? Or perhaps I could email you some photos that you could show them? I’m married now and 8months pregnant which would make my host mother Very happy due to the fact she thought that I would never marry (I was 30 when I entered PC) practically and old maid:) Also I would love to buy some soaps or other products I have a booth at a farmers market here and I could sell it at my booth, I don’t make a ton of $ selling my stuff but I would love to help Tudert in any way I can. Well I hope your service is going well, hope to here from you! -Amy

    • nauticalgal said, on March 16, 2011 at 11:03 am

      Hey Amy,

      I’ve heard of you so it’s nice to “finally” meet you. 🙂 I replaced Emmy in Imi nTlit. Yeah, absolutely send a package to me. I’ll be happy to deliver it though I can’t guarantee when it’ll get to the intended recipients as my schedule for the next few months is filling quite quickly and I’ll be hopping in/out of site. Probably best to include pictures in the package too. Send me a message (email: and let me know what you wanna do re: soaps and farmers’ market (btw, great idea!), otherwise my mailing address in on the “Keep In Touch” page of my blog.

      Keep in touch,

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