back to “work”: life in the douar

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 12, 2011

Hooray – it looks like the postcards I sent out have made their way (or are still en route) to their destinations! Yippee!

I received the following message from one of my aunts and her family yesterday:

Hi Diana,

Happy New Year!    Thank you for the taking the time to write us with this beautiful postcard.  We really missed you at the holiday family gatherings.

It’s so great you have the opportunity to experience such life in Morocco. [Your cousins] found it very interesting and may test your new language skill when you return!  (with long and wavy/curly hair).

Take care and with much love

I especially liked the last bit of the email that blatantly references my hair. Haha. 🙂 Not to worry, Aunt K, I am taking care and growing it out. Despite washing it infrequently, I think my wavy locks will be long and healthy when I return home since I don’t use any products, aside from shampoo and conditioner, on them here. I’ll probably need a recommendation to a good hairstylist around that time…goodness how I like the sound of that. 🙂

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My first week back to site after being gone for two weeks is already halfway through. The idea of reintegrating (yet again) into my community felt daunting when faced head on; however, I’ve made good progress so far:

  • Monday I went to souk
  • Tuesday I ran errands in Essa
  • Wednesday I worked at the sbitar for vaccination day (24 babies today!) and stopped in at the argon cooperative (Tamounte is open and women are working again – yay!). Sadly, I found out my nurse’s 23-year-old son was killed by a co-worker recently. Not sure what happened but my nurse is distraught – to the point where he sided with former President Bush – because the judicial system in Morocco is broken and ineffective when it comes to punishing criminals. The guy responsible for killing his son is sitting in jail (and that might be the extent of his punishment, according to my nurse).
  • Thursday I’ll go to the argon cooperative
  • Friday is couscous lunch with host family

Then it’s out of site again on Saturday thru Wednesday or Thursday for the first SIDA Committee meeting of 2011.

After that, I’m looking forward to staying in site for a longer stretch.


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