my looks: “chinoi” and “hola”

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 15, 2011

I’ve noticed several of my physical features are factored into the type of harassment I receive:

  • Eyes, particularly when they are seen, draw the Asian comments.
  • Eye makeup will elicit Asian comments too, though not as quickly sometimes. It’s like there’s a hesitation there.
  • Sunglasses sometimes hide this feature, in which case I get Spanish comments.
  • Fair skin tone will draw Asian comments.
  • Tanned skin will draw Spanish comments.
  • Sunglasses plus tanned skin draw “hola”s.
  • Hairstyle and length: French braids draw less attention in Marrakech. My naturally wavy hair draws less attention in Rabat. Behind sunglasses, I notice guys don’t know where to categorize me, which is funny because they are still stumped by the time I’ve walked passed them.
Chameleon-status? I wonder how I’d fair in Spain…or Latin America.

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