report cards are out

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 21, 2011

D! I am so freaking excited about your curry! Thank you so much. I literally have been craving it since I’ve been here. See you soon!

– Josh, newest member of Essa PCV family, whose birthday celebration I was absent from but sent food in my place.

After three weeks of not going to visit my host family, I finally went up for lunch today. Re-entry felt a lot smoother this time than on previous “home comings.” Not sure why.

Report cards were released today. My host sister’s “GPA” is 6.05. Out of 10. In the US, that’d be equivalent to a D, which is still passing. Likwise, some of the report cards I saw with5s said “passable.” Apparently, kids – and I guess the school system here? – think marks 5 and above are good. (Really??) They compare themselves with a girl who received 4.

I told my host mother that, when I was little, my mother always harped on me to excel in school.


You know you have dry skin when your skin starts to burn and red spots appear on it immediately after you apply moisturizer.

Silk long underwear – not long silk underwear – are the warmest pajamas I’ve ever slept in!

My mind still thinks the season is autumn even though January is clearly on the way out. Where have these months gone?

In response to my worms, my mom (and grandmother) sent me a home remedy: sliced pig’s liver mixed with  peanut oil, steam and eat,  help to clean them out.

Sorry ladies, no pig or pig parts are available in these Muslim parts of the world. Fortunately, Western medicine is on my side. I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for my worms.


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