on relationships: the life-time, roman

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on January 29, 2011

TEDTalk: Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of Awesome +

Note on my laptop this morning: “I know you’re about to get on Facebook, but only for 15 mins because you told me to tell you to read. I do this because you are the love of my life & I want you in my life until I’m 1 million years old; or as you nurses put it : 1 million y/o” – TK

– Karen K.

Karen’s my friend from high school, who I ran cross-country and track with, shared lockers with, and who, after high school, joined the army and (if my memory serves me correctly) served in Germany, which is where she met her husband Travis, while I went on the 4-year college track. We lost touch for a few years but, thanks to Facebook, we reconnected and have since maintained our friendship virtually. (Phew! Those were a couple run-on sentences, no?)

I’ve yet to meet Karen’s husband – hopefully one day! – but he’s definitely earned his share of cool points from me simply from the updates Karen’s posted about him.


Relationships. The lifetime, romantic kind.

I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a few days. No particular reason. Except maybe for the fact that a relationship of the lifetime romantic kind is not something I’m actively, or inactively (as it seems), pursuing while in PC.

Mashi muskil. That’s what I envisioned PC service to be: a personal journey.

I do, however, want to recognize the standup guys and solid relationships that my female friends in the US have and are in. (Fellas, I’m sure you have great girlfriends, too – maybe that’ll come in future post?)

Trust. Communication. Honesty. Support. Love.

Endless love.

On a semi-related, semi-separate note: Guys can use more positive role models/mentors so…Man up.


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