a Peace Corps product

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 5, 2011

I am a product of Peace Corps.

– Rachid, PC Health Program Assistant

There are times in a Volunteer’s service when s/he gets disheartened by and even desensitized to the cultural “norms” that s/he finds himself in. S/he questions the level of impact s/he is having, if any, on the community. She questions if anything is getting passed onto the girls and women in her site. He questions whether the men in the village hear what he’s trying to share without sounding patronizing and disconnected from life in the community.

In those challenging times, I find it helpful to think of myself, my interactions and conversations, and my work as a catalyst of change. The tough part is realizing that the impact I  have on people will be evident only after my service.

I’m planting my seeds of change now…


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