my family and soy milk

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 6, 2011

My cousin’s FB update today: “both grandmas have now told me to find a boyfriend in college before I graduate…I’m really feeling the pressure now”

My response: that’s so weird because neither my mom nor grandma have told me to find a husband in africa. i wonder why…”

Maybe it’s because Moroccans don’t consider themselves African but Middle Eastern. So, to be fair, my elders haven’t told me bring home a husband from the Middle East  either.

I received a 2am wake up call from my family in the US! How awesome is that? I’m sure they all heard the sleepy grogginess that was in my voice. Still, what a priceless phone call. 🙂

Absolutely cool news: I made a batch of homemade soymilk!!! YEAH!

Thank you, mommy, for making soymilk with me when I was little so that I know how to make it now. Thank you, province-mates, for telling me about you finding roasted soy beans so that I knew to look for dry, unroasted soy beans. Finally, a BIG thank you to my dry goods man in the Essa medina for selling dry, unroasted soy beans!!! He also gets a few more accolades for selling peanuts, almonds, sesame, and fresh-made cookies, the latter of which he gives free sometimes.

Soymilk is so easy to make! Texture of homemade soymilk is not heavy like those that are mostly found in American grocery stores, it’s the light, smooth kind that’s sold in Chinese grocery stores. YAY!!!


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