NYT – it’s time to catch up on news!

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 8, 2011

NYT, NYT, NYT – It’s time to catch up on some news!

The Dirty Little Secret of Successful Companies – Perhaps the US government, on all levels and in all departments, can learn from this. Seriously. As a former government employee, contractor, taxpayer, and Volunteer who is here thanks to taxpayer dollars.

A Hidden Treasure Struggles in Los Angeles – visit Watts Towers! I want to!

Planned Parenthood to Retrain Staff on Reporting Requirements – I haven’t seen the undercover videos that the article refers to but I think Planned Parenthood plays an important part in educating women on their health and family planning options. I wish there was more money in the government to support first point of care services to low-income populations. I don’t support sex traffickers but I do think it’s important to have somewhere young girls and women can go for health services.

Now Baking – Beyond Red Velvet Cake – I want to try these recipes!!!


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