another holiday, another lesson reaffirmed

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 16, 2011

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I cook a lot. Recognizing even my own limits on food consumption, I took some of my home-made strawberry jam to my host family as a gift on this holiday – apparently, it’s the prophet’s birthday.

The children liked the jam up until they got to the actual strawberry pieces. Basically, all they liked was the strawberry syrup, e.g., the strawberry flavored sugar.

I noticed the adults were reluctant to try it as well. No surprise anymore.

I’ve come to accept that my host family is symbolic of people who are apprehensive of trying new things. Of accepting new, different things. It takes them time (like four generations worth of volunteers and eight months worth of Friday visits) to get used to something new, something different.

Each day is another lesson reaffirmed.

Change takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. Immeasurable amounts of time.

As people say, patience is indeed a virtue. For the most part, it’s also life in the bled…and Morocco, sometimes (most times?).

Life really is better after douch(bathe)ing. Seriously. That combined with wearing fresh clean clothes afterwards. I sound crazy, I know, because that’s just an axiom – everyone knows and accepts this fact.

Except that, and here’s my confession: the last time I bathed was a week and a half ago. [Author’s note: I do wash parts that need to be washed on a more frequent basis.] And I was hoping I could put it off for another week (or two), until I had access to a proper shower. (Haha, this all sounds so ridiculous in retrospect!)

Anyway, I washed my hair last night over the sink. Boiled water until it got warm enough, etc. It’s just another thing I do now. Done.

Then, when I got home from breakfast with my host family and plucked myself down on my (warm!) bed to read, I couldn’t help but notice a clammy/sticky feeling. At first, I thought the problem was my hands – I had played with my host siblings, dirty hands and all. But first thing I did when I walked into my house was wash my hands.

Next, I smelled my hoodie. I’ve been wearing it for a couple weeks and I know it needs to be washed soon (ASAP, haha) but the sun hasn’t been out much lately and there were sprinkles/light rains yesterday. So I sat and read some more.

Then, I pulled up the shirt I’ve been wearing, also for the last week, up to my nose. Okay, it smells a little, I thought. I could make it another day though.

Oh ho (no), turns out I couldn’t. The smell kept wafting up. Yes, I was stewing in my own filth. Alright, I’ll just wash my arms and maybe my chest. I’ll freshen up those body parts.

I filled a pot with water and placed it over the butagas tank to warm. I poured a bucket of water over my arm, some of the water streamed to my pants. Okay, fine, I give in. I’ll rinse everything.

Wrong again. My body wanted a proper washing – lHamdullah, too – because it really needed it. So over the course of an hour, I was heating pots and pots of water to pour over myself. When I wasn’t heating water, I was making myself useful – and here’s where I found humor in the moment, haha – I squeegied the floor.

Yep, naked me, squeegying water towards the drain as I waited for water in the pot to warm. Stayed semi-warm. It was much better than pouring a bucket of unheated water over me. Quite a funny picture of myself.

Ahh…turns out, the must needed douche (shower, bathe, clean, whatever you want to call it) was worth it. My epidermis and I feel so much better. No longer do I smell of stinky, now I smell like soap!

The other crazy thing is I don’t even moisturize anything beyond my face and hands on a regular (e.g., daily) basis anymore. I was religious about that in US but not so much here since I don’t know when my next shower will be and thus don’t want the moisturizer to generate any additional grease that who-knows-when-I’ll-next-wash will need to get washed off.

I’m hilarious and quirky, I know. I keep myself entertained, haha. I’m really not crazy, I’m just PC, at least for the moment. 🙂

On another note, I have friends visiting in less than a month, the T and K in TDK. I’m so excited to see them! Thinking about connecting with old friends makes me very happy. Very, very happy.


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