a time to change or change of the times

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 27, 2011

NYT: Africa’s Trip Changed Dodger’s Kershaw. Go, go Dodgers.

NYT: War on Women. This. Is. Public health.

During PC service, people say there’s nothing but time. Time to sit down to have tea. Time to read. Time to watch endless movies and television series. Time to turn within and be introspective.

Clearly, it’s also a change of the times. The organized protests happening in MENA region are evident that people are capable enough to coordinate organic, home grown resistance without outside interference.

I’m approaching my mid-service point, or at least mid-point in which I arrived in country. Wow…a year ago tomorrow was when I boarded the plane from LAX destine for Philadelphia for PC staging.

Needless to say, I think I’m at my mid-service “crisis.” A part of me is flipping out, stressed about the remainder of my time here. Change…happens oh so slowly here. It really can’t be measured. Or expected for that matter.

A time to change or a change of the times…you tell me.


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