approaching the PC one year mark

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 28, 2011

NYT: Iraqi Female Bomb Squad Hindered by Bureaucracy. What a coincidence. The staff who work a the girls’ dorms at the college are paid irregularly also. Why is it that programs and institutions that are created for females receive less/irregular funding?

A year ago, I boarded a plane that departed from LAX and arrived in Philadelphia. To take in this moment, I texted my first two PC/Morocco friends.

Me: Happy 1-year knowing you! We met at the airport a year ago today. So so happy that you’re in PC with me!

Uhleesaa (this is how you pronounce her name, not how it’s actually spelled): Oh yeah! I can’t believe it’s been a year already…I’m with Monica now watching the doctors…who knew we’d been here 12 months later. 🙂

Me: Happy 1-year since we left LA! So so happy that you’re in PC with me!

MoJo: Aww that brought a tear 2 my eyes I cannot believe that was a year ago Alisa and I just had a moment miss you. Thanks for the shout out its amazing sharing this PC experience with u 2

Holy cow…today onwards marks one year of life in PC. Yikes! That means I’ve only got another year here!

I realized (or admitted) something today: Wherever I live next, I’ll willingly opt for the smaller option so that I can have some discretionary income (inshallah) to spend on culinary experiences (i.e., cooking, baking, filling my kitchen with gadgets). The obvious perk to all those things is one of my favorite pastimes: eating! 🙂

Actually, I don’t want to speak too soon (haha) but, for now, I’m keeping it a viable option. Tehee.

Also, I figured something out about myself: I eat (more than usual) when I’m stressed. But I’m not an emotional eater. I think that makes sense…oui?


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