what am I looking forward to?

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 3, 2011

NYT: More College Graduates Take Public Service Jobs

I’m in Rabat for a few days. Life here seems to be going on as usual so far. lHamdullah.

I’ve got a bit over a year to go in service. The new phone plan is awesome, to say the least. I feel like a schoolgirl again, making calls to other Volunteers just to say hi and catch up, chatting endlessly because, well, life in PC allows you to do that.

What am I looking forward to most?

Right now, I’m looking forward to life after PC. That’s me being honest.

I’m looking forward to…

  • Not attracting attention when I walk down the street with my hair down
  • Not hearing a guy whisper “bon apetit” as he walks by me while I’m reading a book while enjoying my lunch
  • Meeting up with friends morning, day, and night
  • Exercising. Running. Walking. Without worrying about being followed or the risk I may be taking in doing an activity that’s considered “different” in the community. I miss it a lot.
  • Not being the only 20-something female living by herself for miles.
  • Meeting decent guys who understand that a simple “hello” does not mean anything beyond the “hello,”
  • Platonic co-ed friendships. Females make fabulous friends but so do males.
  • Hanging out with my family and friends.
  • Authentic ethnic food. Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Cuban, Soul, American. Anything and everything.
  • Clothes and fashion. Enough said.
  • Blending into the mix, instead of standing out because I bring the heterogeneity into the crowd.

The list goes on. I just needed to get this much out for now.


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