to be human today means…

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 7, 2011

“Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel

NYT: ‘What I Really Want Is Someone Rolling Around in the Text’

NYT: In Pro Athletes’ Finances, a Defensive Line Pays

To be human today, it means that…

  • According to National Geographic, this is the most typical face on the planet. What else do you have to say besides “kunichiwa,” Morocco?
  • Being left-handed still pits you in the minority
  • There are more men than on the planet.  Excellent, more for me to choose from. The again, this is why its so imperative for young men to have positive role models.
  • Then again, perhaps there’s a new elephant in the room, at least in the US: The End of Men is approaching. I think it’s time young (American) men consider who they are, who/what they can actually become, and buckle down and commit to a goal. No more floundering around because, let’s face it, females are increasingly getting overeducated while males keep themselves undereducated.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with a dermatologist about my possibly fungal-infected big toes. Fun stuff to look forward to! Wheee!


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