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Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 15, 2011

Snow flurries in the mountain.

This morning, I caught a souk bus out of Kelaat M’Gouna. I made it to Agouim by mid-afternoon.

Making my way up the village path, I see my host…”cousin” Rachida. I call out and surprise her. Yay.

I walk up towards my old CBT school and my host mother calls out to me. YAY, it’s so good to see her! She’s chatting with a few other women. Haytam, now the youngest of my host brothers there (because Atika was pregnant with him while I was there), is resting on her back. A few short moments later, Salahaddin, now the second youngest of my host brothers runs up. He’s too shy to say anything – this happens every time I drop in! – but he has a big beautiful smile on his face! It’s almost time for him to go to pre-school. Adorable.

I quickly drop off my stuff at the PCV’s house, which is where I’m sleeping, and make my way over to my host family’s house. I’m home!!!

I have a late lunch with Atika and Haytam. Oh, it’s so good to be in Agouim. It’s so good to chat with my host mother! Actually, we got to talking about the importance of breast feeding Haytam and birth control for her – now how awesome is that? Very!

I went for a walk with Mohammed and Rachida. It started snowing while we were out – so beautiful!

Soon enough, Mohammed returns from Koranic school. Then my two sisters, Samira and Ilham, arrive home from school. [Minor tangent/confession: I’m a bit of a rascal sometimes. My host family knows that.] As the girls are climbing up the stairs of the house, Mohammed gets me to hid in the kitchen. As the girls walk across the way, I jump out with a “BOO!!” They, as am I, all smiles! After, Salahaddin appears, back from pre-school. Last but not least, my host father arrives home and, upon seeing me, breaks into a smile and lets out a few big, “Hey, hey, hey, hey!!”

I hung out with the family for a while. I was surrounded by the kids as they did their homework. (How refreshing is that?!) Salahaddin is learning Arabic script. I learned that Samira is 1st in her class, Ilham is 2nd, and Mohammed is 3rd. Mohammed is very good with animals; we all said he’s going to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

The family has a 3-day old baby sheet (which I bottle-fed milk, first time!) and three baby chicks. Everyone wanted me to stay for dinner but, not wanting to make them go out of their way (hence the surprise visit!), I told them I was having dinner with the PCV (which was true). I did, however, promise to return tomorrow morning.

It’s good to be back in Agouim, lHamdullah 🙂 I forgot just how beautiful the Atlas Mountains are.


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