translating and back in the bl3d

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 20, 2011

NYT: Mixed-Race Growth Signals a Shift in Attitudes

Yesterday evening, I brought two friends from the US back to my site. It was enlightening for me to have them visit. For instance, waiting an indefinite amount of time for the taxi to fill up before going to my site no longer perturbs me. In fact, not having to wait is more surprising now.

In site, I was happy to learn that my youngster friends can tell the difference between me and another Asian-American. We don’t all look alike! How refreshing! 🙂

I took my friends to the argan cooperative. On the way there, I crossed paths with many of the women who work there. It was nice to see them and introduce my friends to them. I had fun translating and showing them around the place.

Today, I’m taking it easy and settling back in. It’s a beautiful, warm weekend.


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